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Sometimes a little girl needs to teach a big man a tough lesson.


Festival Angaelica 2019 Official Selecti
Teaser, Bite Me

Teaser, Bite Me

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BITE ME is a dark comedy about eleven-year-old Treenie (Maya Johnson) who joins her friends Jasper (Jasper Page) and Madeline (Jenna Lynch) and their dad Dan (Tom Painter) on a weekend ski trip. Trouble arises when Dan learns that Treenie doesn't eat meat. After a full-blown melt down at the dinner table, Dan embarrasses his kids and leaves Treenie feeling vulnerable and determined to get even. That night Dan has a disturbing nightmare that involves savage kids, weapons and fire. Or is it really a dream?

Maya Johnson as TREENIE

Tom Painter as DAN

Jasper Page as JASPER

Jenna Lynch as MADELINE

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